Rose Patch began in 2013. Sewing is my Passion – I sew every day and I love it!

Between myself and my sewing machine “We’ll have you in stitches”.

I am a retired Early Child Development teacher. For years I watched children playing and now I sew toys to enrich fantasy play.

Rose Patch is based in South Africa, Kwa-Zulu Natal where there are many game reserves for indigenous wildlife. I designed the ‘Sitting Pretty’ range and have based the animals on the wild animals in my province.

A few things we’re great at

Each product is individually crafted with love. They are homemade on a sewing machine as well as hand stitched with great care to detail. 

Kiddies apron and chef's hat

Kiddies Aprons and Chef’s Hats

While pretending to bake, or learning to bake with an adult, your child learns life skills such as problem solving and new vocabulary. Rose Patch aprons and hats are perfect for baking activities!

Cupcakes made from felt for fantasy play

Fantasy Felt Food

Rose Patch felt food is wonderful for pretending. Fantasy Play improves self-esteem as it is easier to have confidence when you are imagining that you are someone else. 

Lion doll in dungarees

Rose Patch Toys

Animal toys and dolls often become versions of the child himself and are a safe way to express his feelings. Very often children enact scenes from their own lives using toys and this helps them to learn life skills.


Take a look at the photos in our portfolio.  Rose Patch has a wide range of products to wet your appetite

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