Christmas Monogram Garland – Tartan


  • Rose Patch has created unique Christmas decor.
  • Words created from traditional Christmas fabric lined with batting.
  • The separate words form “Happy Christmas”.
  • One word can be hung above the other or alongside each other.


  • A monogram garland forming the words “Happy Christmas”
  • Letters are 16cm tall
  • Traditional tartan fabric has been used.
  • Each letter has been made from a variant of the traditional red and green tartan with traces of gold.
  • Letters are sewn onto red twill tape.
  • The word “Happy” measures 1mcm long.
  • The word “Christmas”  measures 1.2m
  • Words can be hung one above the other or side by side.
  • Letters are double sided with batting between fabric.
  • This makes the letters soft.
  • The edges although edged with zig-zag stitching, are naturally frayed.